Sunday, April 15, 2012

Court House Lawn Quilt Block

      I found the pattern for this 9" Court House Lawn block in the book 5,500 Quilt Block Designs by Maggie Malone. 
     In these diary entries, Howard is Hattie's brother, just two years younger than she is.  He is leaving for Manhattan to go to college.  Hattie is really struggling because she is not going to get to go to college as well.  Mary and Ruth are two of her older sisters who live in Washington state along with sister Eva.  Anna is her younger sister, and Grace is a hired girl who lives with them.  Hattie has been dating Frank this summer (and will later marry him).  Russ is one of Frank's brothers.
Friday, September 15, 1916 -
"My, I'm tired tonight, and cold.  It was lovely this afternoon when Papa, Howard, and I went to Lyndon, and it is still nice but quite chilly.  I went in to see Aunt Laura, and we shopped and rode around while Papa was attending a political meeting.  Then Mr. Hobbs urged us to stay at his house for supper and attend the open-air concert.  So Papa consented.  We enjoyed the concert even though it was chilly.

"We are all terribly worried about Mary - and disappointed.  Had a letter from Ruth this morning saying that Mary's doctor advised an immediate operation, and, of course, she can't come home this winter.  Papa thinks he will go out soon."

Saturday, September 16, 1916 -
"Howard just now came home from town, didn't bring me any mail but said he saw Frank.  That worthy gentleman phoned this morning that he had broken an axle and was going to Emporia by train.  He told Howard tonight that he'd have to work Russ into letting him borrow his buggy tomorrow.  That sure would be funny!" 

Sunday, September 17, 1916 -
"After trying the front, side, and back doors in a vain attempt to get in, I managed to gain an entrance through the basement and found my way upstairs.  I rather enjoyed our buggy ride this evening - for a change - but I'll admit it did look queer to see Frank driving in with May and the buggy.  He phoned this morning and told me that he wouldn't be out to Sunday school but said he would lead League tonight for me.

"After dinner, Anna and Grace cracked some nuts, and I made some fudge for Howard to take with him.  It wasn't hard before supper so none was eaten.  I guess I'll have enough to fill a box for him, although I promised Anna ten pieces.  Oh!  I sure hate to see Howard go tomorrow.  The minister talked about zeal, goodness knows I need some of that or perhaps speaking more slangily, I might say just plain pep." 

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  1. Interesting thought - "pep" was a slang word!!! LOL

    Another absolutely wonderful block!

    Have a great week!

  2. I'm in suspense over what happens to Mary......

  3. haven't i seen the green grassy print in another block? it looks familiar. this is a gorgeous block--i love it! can you imagine what your grandmother could have accomplished had she gone to college? i think she has it in her head that without college she can't accomplish her dream

  4. Great block and I love the fabrics! Thanks for sharing!


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