Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Brotherly Love Quilt Block

      I found this 10" Brotherly Love block in Judy Martin's Ultimate Book of Quilt Block Patterns.  It was hard to photograph the block and not make the outer stripes look crooked.  I think the block will look fine in the finished quilt.
     In these diary entries, Howard, Hattie's brother, is off to Manhattan, Kansas to attend college.  It is very difficult for Hattie that she is not going to get to attend college as well.  Ted and George are her younger brothers, and Mary and Ruth are two of her older sisters living in Washington state.  Grace is a hired girl.  Frank is the man she's been dating this summer, who will eventually become her husband. 
     "The Kansas City Stockyards were built to provide better prices for livestock owners.  Previously, livestock owners west of Kansas City could only sell at whatever price the railroad offered. With the Kansas City Livestock Exchange and the Stockyards, cattle were sold to the highest bidder."

Monday, September 18, 1916 -
"Howard left about 9:30 this A.M.  Mother and Papa took him to Osage.  I sure hate to see him go, I could hardly stand it to tell him good bye and have him go without me.  He felt bad about it, too.

"It was a lovely day, and as I was feeling so blue, Mother advised me to get out for a horseback ride.  Grace saddled Luke for me, and I went to town, got the mail, and chatted with Mrs. Clayton a few minutes.  Just as I was untying Luke, Frank rode up behind me and said he was on his way to Sweezys but would ride out this way with me if I was going home.  I'm afraid the meeting appeared rather 'premeditated' to some of the villagers, but nevertheless we had a nice ride together." 

Tuesday, September 19, 1916 -
"I have been writing a letter to Fern and looking over old letters for two hours.  It is now almost nine.  Papa took hogs to Kansas City tonight, and Ted and George went up with him to town but haven't come back yet. 

"I received an invitation from Miss Weesner and Mrs. Walter Jones to a shower for Ruth Jones Friday afternoon.  I told Papa to find me some little gift in Kansas City for Ruth."

Thursday, September 21, 1916 -
"Can't write but a scratch as the lights are terribly dim.  Papa arrived from Kansas City, and for about an hour we have been lunching, talking, etc.  He brought a nice piece of delft blue china for me to take to Ruth's shower tomorrow.  I got a letter from (sister) Ruth saying Mary was feeling better and would not have the operation until after October 1.  Papa may not go out for a few days.  

"Frank surprised me this evening by appearing just as I was in the act of getting supper.  He stopped on his way from Lyndon, brought me a nice box of Roger's, and said he would see I got to the shower tomorrow if I wanted to go.  He only stayed a few moments, phoned to Fannie, and was off." 

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  1. Those diary entries must have been so hard for Hattie. How brave she is to carry on and accept the facts.

  2. Hattie is one resilient gal!! Can hardly wait for the next installment!! What is a box of Roger's? Not something I'm familiar with - chocolates?

    The block just "glows" - love the striped fabric on the corners - it will look awesome with all the other blocks!!


  3. How many tries did you need to get those stripes to miter so perfectly? Good job!


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