Sunday, February 26, 2012

Beginner's Delight Quilt Block

     I found the pattern for this Beginner's Delight block in The Quilter's Album of Patchwork Patterns by Jinny Beyer.  I drafted the pattern to make it 8" finished.  By the way I constructed the block, I ended up having to sew only one Y-seam.  I fussycut the center fabric as well as the yellow fabric.
     At the time of this diary entry, World War I has begun in Europe two years earlier on July 30, 1914, but the United States does not enter the war until April of the next year.  I found information on what I believe to be the film Hattie watched with Frank here:
     In the July 30 diary entry, Hattie continues to learn how to drive and is both "crumbed" and "enthused!"

Wednesday, July 26, 1916 -
"I am writing this Thursday as it was 11:30, and I was a little tired when we got in. . . It was after 6:30 when Frank arrived.  Otis Bedell, Elza McGraw, McKinley Reid, and Ruth Edwards were all in the back seat, but we sure did a little speeding and reached Waverly soon after 7:00.  'The Battle Cry of Peace' certainly is a wonderful film.  I don't see where they could get such scenes.  But it didn't seem to waver Frank's opinion about 'Preparedness.'

"We took the kids to Lebo first and, after pulling the garage man out of bed to get some gasoline, we came on home."

Sunday, July 30, 1916 -
"It is very hot tonight - the worst heat we have had, I think.  But it seems to be several degrees cooler out on my cot than in here.

"It is shortly after ten; Frank left promptly on the hour.  He came over about five and after talking politics, etc. with Papa for about an hour, we started out for a ride, and I ran the car after we crossed the bridge.  We went to Osage City and of all the most ridiculous boneheads, I pulled the worst.  I had no trouble at all - we just sped along fine until we got clear into the city, and Frank said we would stop and get something to eat.  The Brown's Drug Store is on the left hand side, and I didn't want to cut across and be accused of 'jay driving.'  I drove to a corner and tried to turn around, but I didn't turn quite sharp enough, and I couldn't hold in the foot brake to save my neck - and smash we went into the curbing and onto the sidewalk.  Needless to say, I was crumbed!  Frank straightened things out, and we went on to the drug store.  I didn't look up to see if there was anyone around that I knew.  One man remarked to Frank, 'Say, those Overlands can just go any where, can't they?'  But we came along just fine coming back. . ."

Monday, July 31, 1916 -
"Ditto for the weather - I'm through discussing that topic.  I'd ought to be in bed now as I want to get up early in the morning - I'm going to vote! . .

"I've been thinking today how thoughtless of me it was not to offer Frank anything to eat when we came in last night.  Hope he doesn't take it to heart.  But I wasn't the least bit hungry and was so enthused about driving the car that I completely forgot that we hadn't any supper. . ."

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  1. "Crumbed" - my new favorite word!! Again, I felt like I experienced the bump up on the sidewalk with Hattie!!


  2. Now I see it. No Y-seams at all,just a partial seam method. That road trip wouldn't have been Waverly, ILL ? would it? I'm just too tired from my trip to backtrack and search for their location.

  3. Hi, My friend Lori is on the same online list that you are. She sent me the e-mail about book clubs etc. I do adult programming at my local library and have done a lot with quilting and bookclubs. I can give you more information if you contact me.

    Jay in Nebraska


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