Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sun Rays Quilt Block

    When I saw this Clothesline fabric, I knew I had to include it in my quilt for a Monday diary entry because Monday was always Laundry Day.  The fabric is part of Heather Ross' Far Far Away III collection and is a beautiful Japanese fabric of 85% cotton and 15% linen.  I found this 12" Sun Rays Quilt block in 5500 Quilt Block Designs by Maggie Malone. 

Sunday, July 16, 1916 -
"This has actually been the hottest day!  The folks went to Marshall today, but as I had promised to teach a class this A.M. and Frank was coming at 6:30, I couldn't very well have everything, so I decided to stay with Grace and hold down the house.  She and I went to Sunday School, and really I was wringing wet when we got home. . . We set out a cold lunch for Charlie and ourselves, and about two o'clock we had a light shower - just a sprinkle - and everything is now clear.  I tried to sleep, but the sleeping porch is full of bees, and it was so hot so I wrote a letter to Eva. . .

Monday, July 17, 1916 -
"It has been another scorching day, and I have sure worked.  We had an immense washing and were a little late finishing as we had to wait for Howard to bring out the new laundry stove.  Then we gave the basement a thorough cleaning.  But it was cooler working down there than lying around upstairs.

"About the time I was ready to rest, a strong breeze blew up and we hurried out and brought in the clothes.  It didn't rain, but the air is nice and cool."

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  1. Adorable fabric!!! Hattie is inspiring!!

  2. Love the fabric! The block is pieced perfectly, as usual!!

  3. It had to be a Monday block with washing hanging out. Perfect!

  4. Beautiful block and wonderful project. What an amazing treasure your grandmother left you. I'll be following along and reading back all the entries.

  5. I really like the fabrics you've found for this block and the previous Calico Spools block. I imagine hunting for vintage style fabrics gives you focus. Your grandmother's entries remind me that we really have become spoiled with air conditioning and heating systems. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!
    best, nadia

  6. What a SPECTACULAR job you did in matching the clotheslines!
    Great block!


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