Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Single Wedding Star Quilt Block

     This 6" Single Wedding Star block was made using a pattern from The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt by Laurie Aaron Hird.
     In this diary entry, Hattie writes about attending both a funeral and a golden wedding anniversary party. 
Wednesday, May 10, 1916 -
"(It looks just twenty minutes of Thursday, however) so for this reason I'll leave the details until morning and hie me to bed.  So much of interest has happened that I couldn't do it and myself both justice tonight.  I certainly had one grand time at the Golden Wedding, though, and everything turned out lovely.  After Jesse (!!?!!) left me at the door I came up and, stopping at Papa's and Mother's door, we began talking and discussing things in general.  So Good Night!

"Papa wanted me to go to Mrs. Jessee's funeral, so to please him I finally consented although I hate to go to funerals.  Poor Lizzie May and the other children, I feel so sorry for them all. 

"We just got back from the cemetery when Fred Schroder, Grandpa Burton, Mr. and Mrs. Haddon, and their little girl stopped by for a few moments.  Then we ate a lunch and got ready to go.  (At the Golden Wedding) we saw a crowd and had a pleasant visit with the 'old folks' for a while, then I went out and helped with the serving.  We had lots of fun sampling each cake and hiding away the good ones and condemning the 'corn bread' and the one with 'onion filling.'  It was so cold that the guests nearly froze eating ice cream and cake out of doors.  There were over a hundred people present.  After the second table was served, Florence Mann, May, Olga, and I got Jesse to take us for a ride.  We came down to the bridge here where there are six boys camping.  We began talking to them, but as soon as they came up near, we tied our handkerchiefs over our faces so they couldn't identify us.  The joy ride was fun, and as we got back the folks were ready to come home so Lottie said for me to wait and come with them.  We ate our share of the 'hidden fruit' then.  I ate with Jesse although J. B. tried to get me to eat with Elmo.  Try our best, we could only get rid of about 9 of the 15 gallons of ice cream, but it was mighty good!  Jesse escorted me to the door and said he would like me to go with them to the Carnival at Osage Saturday night.  I told him it would be lovely, but I thought I would have company from Emporia!"

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  1. I love this block. I think "rolling stone" fits the look of the block. Plus you picked lovely colors for the fabric.

  2. the fabric in this block is gorgeous!!!! absolutely a beautiful block. it seems my favorite changes constantly with each new block you reveal--lol

  3. Beautiful quilts...I'm an admirer of your work from Mel's Designs..'n


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