Monday, December 12, 2011

Hill and Valley Quilt Block

     This 12" Hill and Valley quilt block should not have been difficult to make, but I first used a different green and decided it was too bright so had to rip it out and redo it.  I found the pattern at:
     In this diary entry, Hattie's week-end party with friends continues.  Ted is her 14-year-old brother, and Orv is a hired man about her age.  The other people mentioned are her friends visiting from Emporia.    

Sunday, May 14, 1916 -
"It stormed quite fiercely this A.M. just before we got up and, of course, the roads were too muddy to think of going to church.  We kids did the breakfast dishes; Bing and Charlie displayed some very keen dish-towel explosions.  I never heard anything like it before.  We fooled around all morning.  Hen slept a while, Lesta and I fixed the lettuce and radishes for dinner, and Ted took the boys boat riding.  We had a very nice dinner and after having a tussle over some Kodak pictures, we decided we would go for a walk.  It was partly cloudy but not raining.  For pure craziness, we donned rubber boots and overshoes.  Hen and I had on riding skirts, and the rest were in old clothes.  We walked up on top of the big hill up to the rock pile.  We took several pictures (Orv was very kind to loan us his Kodak), and I laughed until I ached over Hen and Bing playing ball.  We crossed several 'dear little streams' (according to Lesta).  Hen and Bing insisted on carrying me across one, and Hen forgot that her boot leaked until she was in the middle of the stream!  We each had a motor-cycle ride with Orvel through the alfalfa field before we came in.

"Lesta had to go home tonight, and as it looked very stormy and the roads were muddy, Bing took her in to the train and then came right back.  But it cleared away and is just beautiful out tonight.  We have been helping Ted with his algebra, eating candy, and listening to Hen's story.  She gave us a very detailed book review of a French play she is reading."  

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