Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Strawberry Basket Quilt Block

     I had fun making this little 6" Strawberry Basket block.  I found the pattern in The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt by Laurie Aaron Hird.  I used some strawberry fabric left from a picnic quilt I had made.  
    In these diary entries, Minerva is Hattie's oldest sister, with a family of her own.  Ted is her 14-year-old brother, and Charlie is a hired man.  The family farm is located close to the Marais des Cygnes River near Olivet, Kansas. 
Sunday, May 28, 1916 - written Monday
"As it was storming quite fiercely at bedtime last night, I put off writing until later.  It had been quite a nice Memorial Sunday.  We had a little shower just about noon, but it didn't amount to anything.  We went to Sunday School.  There was no church, so we had a little extra program.  I had to tell a story, and there were some special songs. 

"The folks were at Minerva's for dinner to eat fried chicken.  Just Ted and Charlie and I ate here.  The folks came back about 2:30, and we went up to the cemetery.  They didn't have any services, but there was quite a crowd at the cemetery."

Monday, May 29, 1916 -
"We had quite a bad storm in the night (although I slept too soundly to let it bother me), and the river has been more than bank-full all day.  But it has been clear, and the sun shone brightly, so I think the flood will not last long.

"It made a delightful washday, and the men have been mowing and fixing the yard."

Wednesday, May 31, 1916 -
"My, I'm so sleepy.  I thought I'd have a little nap this afternoon, but Mother wanted me to go to town.  I was just thinking about going, despite the wind, when Mrs. Peet's shrill voice was heard below.  She had 28 quarts of strawberries to sell, so we took them.  We canned 14-1/2 quarts and had the kitchen cleaned before 5:00.  She came about three.

"Then Papa came in and said we could have supper early, and he'd take me to town in the car.  I got me some shoes from Stubb and chased around with Alpha a bit and gossiped with Christie and May.  They informed me that Carrie was making her wedding dress in the Restaurant!

"We just had one eye to come home with, and it nearly went out.

"Mother and Anna are going to Topeka tomorrow, so I'll have my hands full for a few days, I think, but I'm glad they are going to go."

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  1. Have you considered publishing the diary? I know I personally love to read about the socio-political happenings in days gone by.

  2. I have considered it, Sueann. I would want it done right and wouldn't want to give up control of how it's done.


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