Sunday, March 31, 2013

Christian Cross Quilt Block

The pattern for this 12" Christian Cross quilt block comes from Eleanor Burns' Quilt in a Day book Egg Money Quilts: 1930's Vintage Samplers.  My quilting group, The Persian Pickles, made it as a block of the month.  I used all 1930's reproduction fabrics for this quilt.

A Peek at Easters Past

One Year Old

Three Years Old
Four Years Old

Six Years Old
Christ the Lord is risen today!


  1. Wonderful pictures! One sister- no brothers?

  2. I actually have two sisters, but the youngest one wasn't born yet at the time of these pictures.

  3. Love that block. The butterfly was the symbol of the "hidden Christians" in Japan.
    When I arrived in Japan 50 years ago, there were many young people wearing crosses as a fashion statement only. I took off my cross and replaced it with a filigree butterfly that I have worn ever since.


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