Sunday, March 24, 2013

"The Wedding Ring Quilt" - a poem by Anna Blake Godbout

The Wedding Ring Quilt

This morning, the first snow of spring
fell like a curtain of lace across the mountains
spilling leftovers of winter
down into the stunted pine brushed valley.

The touch of your smile
held the warmth of weathered hands;
eyes of silver and sage glistened
when I said, "I hope it snows six feet."

You gathered our wedding ring quilt
around the curve of me tighter,

knowing the soft why of my words.

                                 by Anna Blake Godbout

We just had our first spring snow.  My husband is out snowplowing, and it has begun to snow again.  I knew I had to feature this wonderful poem by my friend.  You can find more of her poetry in her book Journey On: Beauty and Grit Along the Way (Kindle version) or paperback version

The Double Wedding Ring quilt block is part of my Egg Money Sampler Quilt, done as a block of the month with my quilting group, The Persian Pickles.  We used Eleanor Burns book Egg Money Quilts for our patterns.  This quilt block is also known as Endless Chain, Rainbow, Around the World, King Tut, and Double Wedding Bands.

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  1. I so "miss" the spring snows of Colorado! So beautiful and usually full of moisture - so very needed!!

    What a beautiful block!! You are just an "encyclopedia" of quilt block information!!! What a treat for all your readers!


    1. We do need the moisture, Doniene, so I'm grateful for the snow.

      I have a friend who's a longarmer who quilted this for me. Doesn't she do a beautiful job?

  2. I have always wanted to make a whole quilt of this block. I love the vintage fabrics you used. Maybe I would get more excited about snow if it looked as pretty as what you have. As of this week, I' glad to see spring.

    1. A whole quilt of Double Wedding Ring blocks is so beautiful. It looks so different than just seeing a single block. I'm on spring break this week. We need the moisture, but I'd love to have a bit of spring in the midst of the snow. The spring photos on your blog make me envious!

  3. Great block! I love the wedding ring block!


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