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First Discussion of A Single Thread by Marie Bostwick

New Home Quilt Block

This is our first opportunity to discuss A Single Thread by Marie Bostwick - the March book selection of the Quilters' Book Club.  These questions are from the author's website (with modifications).

Evelyn Dixon is a Texas housewife, who in a matter of days must not only
vacate her marriage but also her home.  If the circumstances of life called for you to leave your home and move quickly, where would you go?  What would scare you about the situation?  What would excite you?

A quilter of more than 25 years, Evelyn likes the exacting precision her hobby requires.  But she also revels in the fact that if 100 people were to quilt the same pattern, no two of their quilts would be exactly alike.  What is it that you like about quilting?  Why are you a quilter?

Please answer in the comments section below.  Inquiring minds would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

As a heads up, our April selection is The Quilter's Apprentice by Jennifer Chiaverini.  It is the first of her Elm Creek Quilts novels.

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  1. Always a scary, sobering thought to leave your home/lifestyle very quickly. I'd probable, like Evelyn, choose somewhere where no one knows me! Disappear so to speak, but definitely not a city - small rural area, though those are sometimes the most "suspicious" of new comers!

    I quilt, because I love working with my hands. I don't consider myself an artist, but when you quilt it is always a work of art. Each quilter puts "herself" into the quilt. That is why I've never made a quilt "exactly" like one I've seen. I may choose the block, or the setting or even the fabric - but I always add a little twist to make it my own. I truly love scrap (not scrappy) quilts that are made from left over fabric from clothes or previous sewing projects. Scrap quilts are my first love, and when I first started quilting years ago, that's all I ever planned. But my quilting horizons have broadened and I even "buy" fabric for a certain look!

    Blessings everyone!

  2. I like that each quilt lets a quilter express her creativity, with fabrics, pattern choices, and all the changes she makes to each pattern (if she even follows a pattern). We had a room full of about 20+ ladies, all making the same pattern of log cabin quilted jackets. Every jacket was totally different from the others when they were finished. I also love the 'flaws' in each quilt. They remind me that a 'real' person made that quilt, not a machine.

  3. If I had to suddenly vacate my home/current life, I would probably go to live with or near my daughter. She intends for us to live with her when/if we need care anyway. The same thing that would scare me would also excite me...making a new life, new friends. If one is friendly and looks for ways to fill her life, it will happen. I've lived this.

    I quilt for the same reason Doniene does...I like working with my hands. I love grouping fabrics together, it is liking picking a bouquet of flowers. The colors and textures that appeal to one person may not appeal to another. Quilting is an expressive art where we can each show our individuality.

  4. If I had to move quickly....I'd head to the beach! Perhaps along the coast of the Carolinas, or the Gulf coast somewhere. Some how whenever I am @ the beach, my spirit seems to settle. It wouldn't have to be an extensive palace...a little beachcomber cottage by the water, where I could see and hear the waves and the seabirds. There would have to be a craft room in that cottage somewhere.
    Just a little over 2 years ago I took up quilting. Quilting affords an endless venue of creativity, from piecing simple to the most complex blocks to applique and beyond. Our 3 children are grown and gone so now I can take the time to return to my creative self. Why I let go of her at all remains a mystery to me, other than life itself just got in the way.

  5. I love that when I quilt all my worries seem to disappear... I seem to get lost in what I am doing.... love the therapy that quilting provides for me.

  6. Hard to really answer the first question. I think I would head for a cabin in the Sierras in northern Caliifornia. It can be a one room cabin but would have to be at least 1500 square feet to accommodate living and quilting area.
    I quilt because I love to sew and creat with my hands. It keeps my mind busy and I believe it is very important in fending off Alzheimer's and depression. And that's not even touching on the subject of doing something for others.

  7. My husband for sure would want to go to back to Maine, and if the "sudden circumstances" were that we'd go together, I'd go there, too. But if I were on my own? Hmmm. There are many places I'd like to visit for more than a week-long vacation--a three-month rental, long enough to hang clothes in the closet and buy some groceries.....My worry would be about vacating various responsibilities (work- and civic-related). And money.

    I love textiles. I love cutting fabric and reassembling it. Quiltmaking is more forgiving than garment-sewing -- there are so many ways to do that reassembling, and I can't wait to see how the piecing will turn out.

  8. I might come live with you! You should be thankful that it is not likely. Actually, I would probably stay here where I have friends who already know me. I would need a crafts room to keep me busy with my hands.

  9. My quilting brings me peace and comfort. I don't know how many times someone has ask me what gifts and/or talents do I have. Until a couple of years ago I didn't have any idea if I had any gifts or talents. Now I am sure my quilting is my talent. I love making quilts and giving them to someone who needs comfort and hugs. My quilts are not award winning quilts but I know they bring joy to the receiver. My quilting is a blessing to me and I try very hard to share this gift with others.

  10. I would stay in my state but look for a small farm I could turn into a working farm and quilt haven. The scariest part would be all the paper work the governments require you to file. It's crazy, all I want to do is full fill my life's dream of country living and sharing. The most exciting part would be the freedom to live off the land and wake up to miles of country and fresh air.

    The part I love about quilting is the creating of patterns all my own. I actually love the designing part and finding the fabric I already own to craft my creations. I also like the idea that you don't only have to make quilts but you can use the quilting process to create garments.

    I am a quilter because I love sewing. Have ever since my best friend's mom taught us at age 8. It is so amazing still to cut up fabric and sew it together to create one of a kind products. This summer I am going to dye and paint my own fabrics using recycled items I have been collecting for years. So excited.

  11. I don't think, I'd travel very far from my only son & family. I wouldn't live right in the big city, but I would enjoy a spot just outside the city. I need to be close enough to babysit. :) I do love the mountains and fresh air.

    Quilting to me is geometry, measuring, figuring, cutting - the math I love. Of course putting bits of fabric together to make a finished product is very satisfying in the end. I loved Beverly's simile of "I love grouping fabrics together, it is liking picking a bouquet of flowers." The colors excite me-blending, mixing, and making them speak to you. My only problem is I have WAY too many "bouquets of flowers" in my sewing room!

  12. This is something that is always on my mind. The bank threatens to take our house, the BIG ONE is coming and we may lose everything anyway, even if we do, we will never be out of debt. I am a good camper so I could probably manage living in the park with the homeless while I thought of a plan. My kids are scattered all over and returning to the states I might be able to find a small cabin somewhere with a little garden but no car, no public transportation, no health insurance, and too old to find a job. Staying in Japan with language problems...The scariest thing is just thinking about it.
    Quilting is a creative outlet buy I have lots of others such as painting and wood carving knitting and crochet, so maybe that is only one aspect of quilting. Many things I have learned to do because I wanted something I could not afford, a lace tablecloth, a cable sweater, a warm cover for our bed, a gift for a child or special friend ... I cut up my own clothing to sew clothing for my daughters and I am still putting the scraps into quilts. Like Doniene, I like to see bits of memory in my quilts. Most of all, I used to get very frustrated when I had to wait for people who could never get places on time. I found that if I carry a book and some piecing, I can look at that time as a bonus. If I stand I can read and if there is a place to sit, I can sew. Sewing during meetings is as good as taking notes. It keeps me from shooting off my mouth and I tend to remember more. Even of the meeting is a complete waste of time, I have something to show for it in a finished block.
    When you think of all a housewife does that is un-done by the end of the day, maybe the time spent piecing and quilting is its own reward.

  13. Wasn't sure where to post this, but wanted to point out an adorable quilt on the Moda Bakeshop today that made me think of you and your reading students.



  14. I had to leave a home quickly once already in my life (my choice), but thankfully I didn't have far to go. I was looking forward to starting over again. Since then, I have moved several times and never minded it a bit. I could move every 2-3 years just to experience some place different. I always get excited about it. Where I would move next is a good question, but probably some place out in the Midwest. My brother lives in Idaho and it sounds pretty tempting.

    I just love to sew and enjoy the challenge of learning and trying new quilts and techniques. It gives me something to do, and since I do all charity quilting, I enjoy doing for others as well.

  15. I'm looking forward to reading this book. I like to think that I could adapt to any challenge and could get by most anywhere as long as I had access to books, something creative to do with my hands & a job to keep me afloat.

    Quilting has become my favorite craft (I love most that I've tried) because there is something about fabric that just makes me happy, I've always been drawn to it. I love playing with color & different styles of fabric. I find it very therapeutic and feel lucky to have the time & the means at this stage of life to create pretty things.


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