Thursday, August 30, 2012

Christmas Star Quilt Block

     I found this Christmas Star block pattern free at:  I reduced the pattern from 20" to 10".  This pattern first appeared in The Oklahoma Farmer Stockman almost ninety years ago.
     In these diary entries, the Woodbury family is celebrating Christmas.  Three of the siblings have traveled from Washington state so the whole family can be together.  Frank is Hattie's beau.  They've been dating since June.  He asked her to marry him in October, but she's not ready to give him an answer just yet.  Betty and Fannie are Frank's sisters.  Mary, Howard, Ruth, Ted, Anna, George, and Minerva are Hattie's siblings.  Lester is her brother-in-law.  Fern, Hen, and Marie Johnson are friends.  K.S.A.C. stands for Kansas State Agricultural College - now Kansas State University or K-State.  Hattie spend some time on Wednesday talking with her step-mother about her future.           

Monday, December 25, 1916 -
"It is after 10:30.  Frank took his departure a few minutes ago.  He came over to play Santa Claus tonight.  His gift had been sent to Lebo and was not lost after all.  It is a lovely silver jewel case with an old English 'H' engraved upon the cover.  I'm so glad it was nothing to wear in the jewelry line, as I feared it might be when he said it was coming from Williams'.  Betty and Fannie sent me a pretty ivory picture frame.  I was very well remembered with many small gifts.  Mother gave me a pair of silk hose; Mary, an apron; Lester, a towel; Howard, a K.S.A.C. pillow; Ruth, a crocheted basket; Ted, a book; Anna, an ivory pin tray; George, a handkerchief, and I told Papa my new coat was his Christmas gift for me.  He felt so bad because he didn't get away to do any Christmas shopping.  Fern sent me a beautiful wooden nut bowl. 

"Mother felt blue and sick both a good share of the day, and Mary and Lester and the children went to Minerva's.  Ruth and I got dinner, straightened up the house, and I did a little decorating, etc.  The dinner was quite eatable:  roast chicken, potatoes, dressing and gravy, hot biscuits (I made 'em), celery, honey, fig or date cookies, fruit cake, fig layer cake, and cranberry sauce with whipped cream. 

"We have been eating candy, apples and cake, singing, and talking.  Mother and Ruth have been finishing some Christmas presents.

"Frank liked my picture, said he spent a good share of the day looking at it.  And I'm right crazy 'bout the jewel case."

Tuesday, December 26, 1916 -
"Still some more Santa Claus!  Howard and Ruth went to town this evening and brought out a whole armful of bundles.  Most of them were Mary's and Lester's, but I received a package from Hen - a dear little pink crepe de chine and lace camisole.  I am very proud of it because she made it all by hand.  Marie Johnson sent Ruth and me each little pink and blue sachet bags to wear in our bosom."

Wednesday, December 27, 1916 -
"Mother and I have been having a very confidential chat, and it is almost eleven.  We have to be up early in the morning as Papa is away at Quenemo and the boys have to get started down there early in the morning.  But I couldn't overlook this good opportunity of discussing my private affairs with Mother.  She feels a great deal as I do - that I have plenty of time and that I ought to go away for a while.  She is going to Topeka next week and wants to get me something to do up there.  Oh, I hope she can for I certainly want to get away.  I think I would be more able to decide whether I care for him or not." 

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  1. That block is a real winner. It looks like it wants to go to my notebook for a bit of future contemplation.

  2. I have enjoyed all your blocks, but this one has a real wow factor. Great choice of fabrics!

  3. Very nice! Good choice to accompany the diary entry. I have such a block that I received in a Christmas block swap years ago. I like your darker background better.

    Your grandmother must have been discussing Frank's proposal with Mother and getting her advice and point of view.


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