Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Christmas Tree Quilt Block

     I found this 10" Christmas Tree block free on-line at:  http://quilting.about.com/od/blockofthemonth/ss/christmas_tree.htm.
     In these diary entries, the Woodbury family attends Christmas programs.  Christmas is almost here!  Mary, Ted, George, Anna, Ruth, and Howard are Hattie's siblings.  Helen is her niece.  Hattie's beau, Frank, asked her to marry him two months ago, but she has not yet given him an answer.
Friday, December 22, 1916 -
"It's late, so I'll not write much.  We have been to the Christmas program at Alpine.  As I was not sleepy, I sat down and finished a handkerchief, and it is now after eleven o'clock. 

"Mary and Helen and Ted, George, and Anna went with us tonight.  The program was very good considering what they had to work upon.  The room was uncomfortably hot until I summoned Mr. Herold to open a window.  They lengthened the evening's entertainment by numerous violin and guitar duets, which were both tiresome and sadly out of tune.  They are going to organize a Literary two weeks from tonight and asked Nellie Main and me to officiate."

Saturday, December 23, 1916 -
"Some more Christmas Tree!  We took in the one at the church tonight.  Howard, Ruth, and Anna went with us.  We did a little last minute shopping and mailing before going up to the church.  Of course, everybody and all their children were there, and we girls surely had a task handing out the gifts. 

"It has been one mad rush all day, and to make it worse, we have had no water in the pipes.  I'll really be glad when it's over. 

"Howard came home this morning and doesn't go back until the 8th.  Oh!  I must turn in!"

Sunday, December 24, 1916 -
"This is Christmas Eve at last.  Everything is done or at least as much as it is going to be.  I don't feel that I have remembered enough lonely or sick people this year, but I have tried to do my best.  It is almost time to say 'Merry Christmas' - after 11:30, but after we came in, I had to bring my things down and arrange them on the table.  We are not having a tree, much to my disappointment.

"I gave Frank my little gift - my photo in a silver frame - but it was hard to send him away without the word he wanted.  But I didn't feel like I could tonight.  He felt bad about it, I know, but he didn't say much for Mother came down about then.  Frank was terribly disappointed because his gift for me failed to arrive.  But I told him not to worry about it.

"Here's wishing myself a Merry Christmas!"

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  1. Love your quilt blocks but especially the story that is going with them. My mother was born in 1909 and grew up on a farm in Wisconsin, she would occasionally talk about growing up on the farm and reading this if bringing back memories of her stories.
    I joined your blog last week and finally just got caught up on the complete story so far. Thank you for beautiful quilt blocks & great memories.
    Marj in Mexico

  2. The block choice is perfect for all the Christmas preparations that your grandmother was involved in---remembering the sick and shut-ins along with the family with personally made gifts, included. You made the tree that they did not have that year.

    What a lovely picture of young Hattie!

  3. I love the Christmas package background--you are so clever!

  4. I like the way the fabrics complement the Christmas theme of the block -- gifts for the background, trees in the boughs of the Christmas tree. I think I'll make a couple of these myself.

  5. Great block! The fabrics you chose make the tree stand out like almost 3D

  6. Have loved your story about your grandmother. You are so fortunate to have her diary.


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