Saturday, August 11, 2012

Eight Hands Around Quilt Block

     I found this 8" Eight Hands Around Block in 5,500 Quilt Block Designs by Maggie Malone.  A 12" pattern with a slight arrangement of color can also be found online at:  I like the arrangement here that makes two stars.
     In these diary entries, the entire family has gathered to celebrate the holidays.  Hattie is busy preparing for Christmas, but she is also determined to continue to write every day in her diary!  Ruth, Mary, and Minerva are her older sisters.   

Wednesday, December 13, 1916 -
"Just nine years ago today that Papa lost his eye.

"It has been a very cold day and a wash day at that!  But as it was not windy, we got along very nicely.  Ruth and Mary went to town this afternoon.  I kindly offered to stay and clean up the basement but got more than I bargained for.  It was quite a job, and I had to care for the children besides so didn't accomplish much else.

"They brought my proofs but have not ordered the photographs yet.  The folks and I don't agree.  We may have to compromise.

"My hands are tired tonight, so I haven't worked very much."

Thursday, December 15, 1916 -
"It seems almost wicked to take time to write in here when I am so busy getting ready for Christmas, but I am determined to finish out the year.  But I get up quite early and am busy all day long.  I can't work very late at night.

"I went to town this afternoon.  It was rather cold, but I was well wrapped up.  I went to Minerva's a few minutes and stopped at Mrs. Cochran's and helped her plan for the party two weeks from tonight.  I think it will be very nice.  I went down town and did a little shopping for Mother - some dolls and toys for the children."

Friday, December 16, 1915 -
"Ruth is in bed, but I slipped my diary from under the mattress and am writing here in the bathroom.  It is after 10:30, but I wanted to finish the towel end so sat up until I did, although I am tired.  I came up after supper and lay down a little while before I started to work.  

"This has been a busy day for me - churning, cleaning, etc. so I must retire.  It is much warmer, however." 

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  1. Gorgeous fabrics, but I think you might be right...not the right fabrics for this particular block. Funny, I was just looking at this block last night and thinking about making one myself! Very pretty.

  2. now i absolutely love the colors!! i think it stands out nicely and reminds me of an origami folded item.

  3. I love those fabrics! I think that maybe the cherries print is too large a scale print for this block, but maybe not. If you used a cheddar or yellow rather than red, maybe it would show up better.

    I enjoy so much reading your Grandmother's diary entries!

  4. I thought they might all be sitting down to some cherry pie. That block has a lot of possibilities.

  5. I like both fabrics, but using them together makes a bit of a muddle. I'd use a smaller print with the red stars, or a different color star with the large print background. Just me...


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