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Frolic Variation Quilt Block

     I found this fun 12" Frolic Variation quilt block pattern free on-line at:
     In these diary entries, Ruth, Mary, Howard, and Eva are Hattie's siblings.  Lester and George are her brothers-in-law.  Jesse is a hired man who works on the Woodbury farm.  Lesta is a good friend of Hattie's from high school days in Emporia.  Frank is Hattie's beau, and Lois is Frank's sister.  K.D. stands for King's Daughters, an international non-denominational Christian service organization that began in 1886 and is still in existence in the United States and Canada today.
     A reader, Susie Rose, tells me that a hawk-bill broom is one that is curved.  Another reader, Joan, commented, "When a broom is left sitting on the straw end it will gradually curve into what is called a hawk bill. My mom always sat her broom on the handle to keep the straw straight. It lasted longer that way and was much easier to use. Imagine using the side of a straw or the point of the straw."  Thank you, both, for this helpful information.

Thursday, December 28, 1916 -
"Since we didn't get in until nearly one A.M., I am writing this later in the day.  We had a lovely time at the party.  We sang and ate fudge, pounded on the piano, etc. until time to go.  I wore my flowered flaxen with the net ruffles, and everybody was sort of fussed up.  Ruth wore her flowered crepe.  We sang every verse of every song in an 'Old Time Song Book' and some of them twice!  Mrs. C. sang and played the Victrola, and we had a baby contest in which our baby pictures were on display.  Some were sure crazy.

"Mary and Lester and the children went to Emporia today to visit until tomorrow.  Howard and Jesse went to Rosemont so our table was not very crowded at dinner.  It was wash day, so we didn't mind in the least."

Friday, December 29, 1916 -
"Eva and George came to Minerva's last night and on out here this morning.  Mary and Lester also came home on the 5:20, so we are all here again.  Lester and George have been buried in books all evening, and Eva has been finishing some Christmas gifts!  I received the embroidered breakfast cap from Lesta today that she promised me three years ago.  Better late than never.  I think it is a very cunning cap."

Saturday, December 30, 1916 (written later as it was midnight, and I was dead tired when I got in) -
"Frank and I went to Literary at Key West.  Ruth and Howard were urged to go, too, but did not accept.  I certainly enjoyed the ride - just cold enough to feel good, and it was very comfy all tucked up in the car.  Frank was on the debate - military training - and his side won.  They had a good program besides, although we missed part of it.  Lois sat with us after the recess, and I enjoyed myself very much.

"Lester with the 'hawk-bill' broom helped me with the sweeping this morning.  Then we had a very nice little confidential chat over the mending this afternoon.  He can do almost everything it seems.  Sewed a rip in his coat and some buttons on it this afternoon, as well as anyone could.

"Mother and Ruth went to town.  Ruth to the K.D. meeting, and they arranged for our party next Tuesday night.  They invited about forty guests and spliced the dates!!  I imagine this will cause some excitement.  We K.D.'s are to have our pie supper next Thursday, and I have to give a reading and be in the Kitchen Orchestra.  I foresee that next week will be 'full up,' too."   

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  1. What a cool block! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Hattie is really getting around--and more on the horizon.

    Fun dots on this block!

  3. That looks like a very complicated block, but I like it. I can relate to singing all the verses of all the songs in the book. And back in those days, they had more than three words repeated over and over too.

  4. I really enjoy receiving your emails with a new quilt block to correspond to a diary entry! I am wondering if the "hawks-bill" broom refers to the shape of the end of the bristles to get sweep out corners.

  5. Anonymous, I like your idea of the "hawks-bill" broom.


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