Friday, August 10, 2012

Wild Duck Quilt Block

     I found the pattern for this 8" Wild Duck block free online at:
     In these diary entries, Hattie is busy getting ready for Christmas.  All nine Woodbury children along with any spouses and grandchildren are home to spend the holidays together.  Frank is Hattie's beau.  Ted and Ruth are two of her siblings.  Lesta is a friend from Emporia High School days.  Jesse is a hired man, and Luke is a horse!  The Turkish is the Turkish Candy Store, established in Emporia in 1836 and a local hangout.  (Ted later marries the daughter of the owner and works there!)  A jitney is a small motor vehicle that transports passengers on a route for a small fare, usually a nickel. 

Monday, December 11, 1916 -
"I'm exceedingly tired after our day of shopping.  That sure is a task!  And it has been rather cold, too.  Frank evidently found it very necessary to go to Emporia, too, for he was in the depot when we got there.  Frank escorted us uptown then left us until afternoon.  I sat for my photo, and we looked at coats before going to the Whitley for lunch.  I finally decided on one at Downs and Taylor - a blue velour with a little fur trimming.  It is not an expensive coat but is stylish and rather good looking, so I'm quite satisfied.

"Lesta invited us to a hot chocolate at the Turkish.  It was nearly four o'clock when we finished, so we went back to Newman's where Frank was patiently waiting, and after a few more hurried purchases we took a jitney for the depot.  We reached there in plenty of time and to spare in spite of Mother's worry. 

"Papa was going to Quenemo, so Luke was waiting for us.  Frank just more than tore around getting us ready to drive home.  He left a pound of Turkish candy in my bag, too.  He sure is good to me - too good!"

Tuesday, December 12, 1916 -
"I haven't done so very much today but am dreadfully sleepy.  I finished my crocheted baskets tonight and am starting on handkerchiefs now.  We had more or less housework to do today, and the children take up one's time - of course we have to stop and play with them - so I didn't do much until afternoon. 

"Papa and Jesse butchered a beef this afternoon, and Ted killed two wild ducks yesterday, which we had for dinner tonight, and they were fine!  Ted sold his furs - 4 skunks and 2 muskrats - for $10.00 tonight and is quite pleased with himself.

"Ruth is bunking with me, so I'll hop in."

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  1. Great block, I can just feel the excitement of preparing gifts for the holidays.

  2. You piece with amazing precision! Love your project...I like reading the diary, too!

  3. I love this block. Imagine how good it would look with many blocks and the secondary patterns which would occur. Thanks for sharing!


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