Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kiss Quilt Block

     I found this 8" Kiss block at: http://www.mccallsquilting.com/patterns/details.html?idx=13906.
     In these diary entries, Hattie receives her first kiss!  Her beau, Frank, asked her to marry him two months ago, but she still hasn't given him an answer yet.  Ted and George are Hattie's younger brothers.  Les is her brother-in-law, and Jesse is a hired man.   

Saturday, December 16, 1916 -
"It is after 11 o'clock, but tomorrow is Sunday and the day of rest so, of course, I had to work late tonight.  We are not all privileged like Mother who feels perfectly secure in crocheting on the Sabbath day.

"Mother has spent most of the day in bed with a severe headache, and Papa and Ted and Jesse went with the cattle to Rosemont, so we were rather few about lunch time.

"George went to town with Jesse and Les to do his Christmas shopping and just got home a little while ago."

Sunday, December 17, 1916 -
"It just struck eleven, and that means that Frank has been gone a full hour, but I haven't been able to collect my scattered thoughts enough to undress or write or do anything but think!

"Oh, I know it's terribly selfish of me, and yet I want to feel sure before I give him a definite answer.  But tonight he couldn't help it, he kissed me, and although it wasn't much of a kiss - a one-sided one - it was my first experience, and I can't begin to write how I feel.

"It's too near Christmas to tell him now, and, besides, I don't feel so absolutely sure.  But I was just now thinking what a terribly innocent thing I am.  I didn't get it through my head until a little bit ago why Frank was so anxious to take my ring to Emporia to get it fixed.  Fool that I am!  I gave it to him and never thought a thing about it."

Monday, December 18, 1916 -
"Another very busy day - one week from tonight it will be all over! - but I like Christmas even if it does mean work.  Of course, we are inconveniently far away from the city shops, but I generally manage to scrape a little something up for most everyone even if it is no more than a wish.  But I have had so many other things on my mind that it's hard to think of Christmas at all times.  I wish Frank could have delayed his message a little, but he seems to think he has waited an unmercifully long time.  He has been quite patient for almost two months now. 

"We just tear through our work and spend every moment we can at 'Christmasing.'  It was a lovely day, and we got the washing out early.  I made a little apron and sewed tatting around it.  Then I finished another handkerchief this evening, so I feel I have accomplished a little."

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  1. Beautiful block! Love those colors. And what a sweet journal entry :)

  2. I just discovered your blog. not to long ago and I really am enjoying reading your grandmothers dairy.You are so blessed to have this it give so much insight on how everything was in the early 1900's.The simple gifts at christmas.
    Thank you for sharing

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I really enjoy reading the entries and love the blocks you find to go with them. This particular block is exactly the one I plan on using in a BOM I am creating. I will need to resize it to a 12", so I hope that will work out. Again thanks for sharing.

  4. Lovely block and the perfect go-with for these diary entries.

    I loved how your grandmother realized why Frank was so interested in repairing the family inherited ring--you can fairly see the light bulb going off! It hit her that he might want to get something sized for an engagement ring.

    Good for her--weighing her options and trying to be sure how she feels rather than rushing into anything. Maybe because she has aspirations and still would like to go on to college?

  5. Do you remember what the fabric with the red is? I would like to find some because I love this block. I've found the other 2 fabrics.

  6. Anonymous, I have had this fabric for several years. It was left from an apron I made. I just have a bit left, and there are no identifying marks. I'm so sorry. The other fabrics are much more recent.

  7. My name is Janice, I filled the thing out wrong. Thanks for the information. I thought I saw it somewhere but now I can't find it. Maybe I'll stumble back over it sometime.


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