Friday, June 1, 2012

Patience Corners Quilt Block

     I found the pattern for this Patience Corners block on-line at Quilters Cache but reduced the pattern from a 12" to a 6" block.

Wednesday, November 1, 1916 -
"Oh, I feel so wicked.  I don't know if I haven't any heart or what is the matter.  Frank has been so wonderfully good to me that I feel so ashamed to have to answer him the way I did.  We have been to church and just before we parted, he told me what he had tried to tell me Sunday night.  I wish I felt the way he does, for I know his is the purest and deepest love.  Of course, I do feel the deepest respect for him and think a great deal of him, but it seems as though I feel so childlike and have so many things I want to do before I thought of anything serious. 

"It has been another ideal autumn day, and tonight is lovely.  Mother and I went to town this afternoon and called on Minerva and Mrs. Ellis, also.  Tonight Papa brought in a great armful of relics he discovered in an old trunk out in the buggy shed.  Among them were his wedding garments and other old, old articles.  We had the most fun over them.  Perhaps if I didn't think so much of my own home, I might be more willing to think of another, but I do love every person and thing around here in our home, and I hope that feeling is never lessened.

"Frank is so good - he is giving me my own time to think it over and doesn't want to urge me, but says he is very confident.  I wish I were."

Thursday, November 2, 1916 -
"I have accomplished a great deal more today than I would have supposed, with the thoughts of last night ringing through my mind.  But oh, I am weary!  We have housecleaned today.  It is ideal weather to get rid of dust and dirt.  I have helped clean chandeliers and picture windows, wash and iron curtains, rehang them, and oh, so many other things.  I am indeed thankful I have a good place to sleep tonight.  I have been trying to read and tat a little, but my eyes refused to stay open, so I'm going to bed." 

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  1. Oh, she must have turned Frank down or at least asked for more time to consider it. His patience must have paid off as we know they do indeed marry and become your grandparents.

    I believe I read that he was about 6 or 7 years older than she was at that time. Leaving one home for another would not be easy especially since she is so obviously needed there. She still hoped to go to college as well?

    Perfect choice of block for this post and well executed.

  2. I have never seen this block!! Such an appropriate one for Hattie's entry! Frank is a keeper for sure, such a gentleman!! I remember the first man that asked me to marry - I didn't marry him, but I felt much like Hattie!!

    Love the fabric in the block!!


  3. The block is just perfect. Maybe Frank should have promised her a college degree....

  4. Bet she didn't know her entries will be blogged and read by fans and followers almost 100 years later. Her diary is what we call blogs today. I love real life diaries, something very endearing about reading handwritings, you can feel the emotions through them. It would be really nice to see a picture of her handwritings. Now with the computer age, few of us still write, and the new generations (like my son) finds it tiring.

  5. What a cute block!! And I do usually sew over my pins, carefully : )


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