Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Voter's Choice Quilt Block

     I found this 9" Voter's Choice block in 5,500 Quilt Block Designs by Maggie Malone and thought it was perfect for this blog entry. 
     In the 1916 presidential election, Democrat Woodrow Wilson received 52.2% of the electoral votes (49.24% of the popular votes) over Republican Charles Hughes' 47.8%(46.12%).  In the Kansas House of Representatives race, Democrat Dudley Doolittle received 51.46% of the votes over Republican Clyde W. Miller's 47.01%.  Note that Hattie's Papa is an ardent Republican, and Hattie's beau (and future husband) Frank is an ardent Democrat!     

Tuesday, November 7, 1916 -
"I am too bloomin' tired to write a thing tonight, and I suppose I am not the only one who feels this way.  There are probably thousands who are a great deal more weary than I.

"I didn't get up before dinner.  I got all ready to go, too, but Papa took the car and went to town and didn't come back until noon.  I couldn't find any of the men so tried to hitch up by myself, but the wind was blowing so strong and Luke acted so stubborn, and I presume I was somewhat impatient myself.  I vowed I would vote for the Democrats and was really quite vexed.  I did vote for some Democrats, too.  We went up about 2 o'clock.  The town was quite alive.  Frank came in about 3:00 and hung around with us most of the afternoon.  He took us in the Restaurant, and we three drank two bottles of grape juice. 

"I helped serve at the supper, but everything was so hashed over by the time I was ready to eat I didn't enjoy it." 

Wednesday, November 8, 1916 -
"This has been a rainy, rainy day.  It's sure a good thing yesterday was election day.  We have been hearing all sorts of reports about the election but nothing definite about the president."

Thursday, November 9, 1916 -
"The presidential reports are still very doubtful, am anxious to hear facts.

"Doolittle won - Hurray! - and I guess Papa will have to set up the oysters for our entire bunch, including Frank, for it seems Wilson carried Kansas."

Friday, November 10, 1916 -
"It seems quite certain that Wilson is re-elected.  I guess I'll have to take Hughes down off the wall.  I even framed him, thinking he would have to hang for some time.  He's not handsome enough to leave up for permanent adornment if he isn't president."

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  1. How hard it would be today if we had to wait 4 days after Election Day to find out who won! I kind of wish we had that slower pace today, but I guess we can't go back.

  2. So interesting to read about an election from the first person viewpoint!

    Another lovely block!! You are finding some very interesting ones!!


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