Sunday, June 24, 2012

Home Circle Quilt Block

     I found this 10" Home Circle block free on-line at Quilter's Cache: and thought it was perfect for a Woodbury family homecoming!  This block also goes by the names of Mrs. Anderson's Quilt, Rolling Square, and Garden of Eden. 
    In these diary entries, sister Eva and husband George Wiley along with children Albert and Arlyn have arrived from Washington state.  Sister Mary, husband Lester Johnson, and daughters Helen and Ruth, along with sister Ruth have also come from Washington.  Sister Minerva lives in the closest town of Olivet, Kansas.     

Monday, November 20, 1916 -
"Our house is rapidly filling and our family increasing.  Eva and George and the babies arrived this morning, and we received a message from Ruth, saying that they were in Denver and would be here tomorrow.  I am sure anxious to see them.  I think Eva's children are dears!  Albert is so cute, and the baby is very bright and intelligent for so young a child. 

"It has been a perfectly beautiful day.  We got the washing out early this morning before they got out here, and it was a great deal more pleasant hanging out the clothes than last wash day. 

"We just visited a great deal of the afternoon and evening, doing a little sewing or crocheting in the meanwhile, of course."

Tuesday, November 21, 1916 -
"We certainly are having one homecoming.  I am having my headquarters for the present in the sewing room.  It makes a very pleasant little bedroom with my sleeping porch cot, and the sewing machine with the mirror above serves as a dressing table and desk combined.  

"I was very surprised and exceedingly pleased to see Lester come.  I can't help but be crazy 'bout that man.  Ruth went to Minerva's, so I haven't see her yet.  Mary is just the same dear sister, even if she has been sick and in the hospital.  And those children!  Helen is the dearest, most affectionate child, so polite - and talkative.  

"I must get to bed.  I am tired and goodness knows, there is lots to do in such a big family."

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  1. I enjoyed catching up after over a week at camp. Our family has a reunion every three years ever since I can remember. My father was the last living member of the family that began it and we have had one reunion since he died. What a great time it is to catch up with all the cousins... and I am so glad my family (kids) all value that connection even having grown up in Japan.

  2. How fun to see how much Hattie loves her family!! That's what it is all about - family!!

    The fabric in this block is some of my absolute favorite! So cheerful!!


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