Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sunlight and Shadows Quilt Block and the Theme of Sorrow and Tribulation in Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker

Sunlight and Shadows Quilt Block

Do you love to quilt AND love to read?  I invite you to join the free, online Quilters' Book Club.  Each month, we read a book, discuss it through comments on my blog posts, and then make a quilt block to represent that book.  I research several potential blocks to go with the book's themes, setting, main characters, and events.  And I find the patterns free on the internet, making it easy for everyone to access.  Each member can choose the block or blocks they'd like to make.  To join, become a follower of my blog so you won't miss any blog post.  To make it super convenient, you can also sign up for my posts to be delivered right to you via email.  If you love to quilt and read, please join us!  It's easy to jump in anytime.  Check out the Quilters' Book Club Schedule right here.  
Our book to read and discuss during February 2014 is Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker by Jennifer Chiaverini.  Get the book from your local library or bookstore and join us!  If you want to read it on your Kindle, you can get it here.

If you'd like to make a quilt block to represent the theme of sorrow and tribulation in this book, here are some ideas to get you started:

Theme of Sorrow and Tribulation:

Broken Heart Quilt Block

Dark and Light Star Quilt Block

Job's Tears Quilt Block shown below

Mother's Dream Quilt Block

Stings and Arrows Quilt Block

Sunlight and Shadows Quilt Block shown above

Job's Tears Quilt Block

Mrs. Lincoln and Elizabeth both suffer terrible tragedies.  How do they respond differently to the trials that life throws at them?   Answer in the comment section below for a chance to win a copy of Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker.  Plume Books is generously offering two copies of the book.  If you are reading this via email, you must click on the title of my blog post to be able to comment and read the comments of others.  Winner will be announced March 1.  

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  1. I am way behind in my reading. The Gala quilt deadline is pressing and I fall asleep on my book at night, so make little progress.

  2. Haven't had time for reading lately. I just checked the next few books, and, I think I have all of them around here somewhere. Guess it's time to start digging in boxes. I'm going to have to find time to pack up my son's books so I can bring more of mine out.

  3. The Olympics are taking my time. I know they both lost sons, and I think that Elizabeth was more able to cope with the loss. Perhaps she could because she focused on caring for Mrs. Lincoln.,

  4. since I just got the book, I am only at where Col. Ellsworth is killed. I try and read everyday. I think a lot of how Mrs. Lincoln is dealing with is also has to do with the fact of how the other women in washington city is treating her. she is lonely and has no friends there except Elizabeth. to be a first lady with no friends, Elizabeth came from hardship and death.

  5. When Elizabeth hears of the death of her son, she is devastated, and locks herself away briefly to mourn him. But is faces the trials and gets on with her life bravely. Mrs. Lincoln, on losing her son Willie throws herself into her grief with total abandon and hysterics, and ignores the other two sons, her husband, and everything around her. It is only the thought of being placed into the lunatic asylum which seems to shake her into being less hysterical.


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