Sunday, February 24, 2013

Quilt Blocks for The Persian Pickle Club

Mystery Quilt Block

Decisions!  Decisions!  It's the last week in February, so it's time to talk quilt blocks.  To sum up, here are the potential blocks to go with The Persian Pickle Club: 

Theme of Friendship:
Friendly Hand
Setting of Rural Kansas during the Depression of the 1930's:
1930's Square
Main Character Queenie Bean:
Mother's Dream

Weekly Persian Pickle Club meetings:
Calico Spool
Miniature Spools
Making the Celebrity Quilt:
Autograph Star
Zepha giving Queenie her best quilt:
Road to California
Keeping secrets:
Axe and Churn
Reminder: Our March book selection is A Single Thread by Marie Bostwick. It is the first book in her Cobbled Court Series.

Tomorrow, we'll begin our discussion of The Persian Pickle Club!

Please comment and let Quilters' Book Club members know which block/blocks you've decided to make to go with our February book, The Persian Pickle Club. Also, let us know what project you're planning to do. Are you going to make a sampler quilt with one block to go with each book, or do you have a different project in mind?


  1. Oh, so many to chose from. How can I possibly pick one? I don't think I can make one quilt for each book at the speed I work, so I am thinking I will make one 12 inch block ... and maybe a few six inch blocks to put around the border?? Well, I looked through my stash and found some "Pickle" fabric (Paisley). I am thinking of putting a wee bit of that fabric in each block. Maybe I shouldn't get too ambitious because I also have a baby quilt to make before summer for a grand-son-to-be.

    1. Julie, I love the idea of using some "Pickle" fabric in each block. And I like the idea of some six inch blocks to put around the border - if you just have to have more than one block for some books. Congratulations on your grandson-to-be!

  2. I'm making a sampler quilt in only two fabrics - solid red and solid white - making one block for each book. I'm calling my quilt "Curl Up with a Good Book." Not every block will work with only two fabrics, so that simplified my choice. I chose to make a 12" Friendship Star Variation quilt block to represent The Persian Pickle Club.

    Frankly, when I see all of the choices together, it's sort of intimidating! If you feel that way, choose just one section and look through that. Maybe say to yourself, "I'm going to make a block to represent Queenie." Then look through those three choices and pick one. Or maybe you want a block that represents the setting. Just look through those choices and pick one. The purpose is to have fun reading and quilting together!

    1. I am also going to make a sampler quilt of this journey. My block for The Persian Pickle Club will probably be a Prairie Queen block. The quilt will be call "A Friendship Reader" or "A Quilter's Reader"....we'll see.
      When I get to my sewing room tomorrow, I'll take a look @ fabric. However, I have to get a fleece jacket finished first for our quilt guild meeting tomorrow night. It's the Ohio Star Quilt Guild, NQA #131, established in 1981.
      The are an incredible group of women that have embraced and enveloped me with warmth, love and affection here in our new home and new town.

    2. I think the Prairie Queen block is a perfect one to represent this book, and I love the potential names of your quilt. I'm so happy that you have your own "Persian Pickles" group in your new town!


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