Thursday, February 21, 2013

Colorado Beauty Quilt Block

This 12" Colorado Beauty block is the 21st block of my Starwood Sampler Quilt, created to tell the story of my home and community.  I made it as a block of the month with my quilting group, the Persian Pickles.  A friend and I chose the blocks, and we found this pattern free on-line at Block Central:  Alternate blocks in my quilt are set straight and on point.  This block is set on point with the blue fabric as sashing.

Each season in Colorado provides its own beauty.  In winter, we have mostly blue skies each day.  When snow comes, we appreciate it because we live in a semi-arid climate and always need moisture.  But to children, snow means something entirely different.  Snow means the potential of a SNOW DAY from school!  

I teach reading in the morning and tutor students at my home in the afternoon.  Among my tutoring students, there are differing theories on how to encourage heavy snows to come.  Three elementary-aged sisters told me that they were going to wear their pajamas inside out; each girl was going to put a spoon under her pillow.  They were going to throw ice cubes into the toilet and finally do a snow dance.  The youngest sister said it was also important to wear your underwear inside out, but her two older siblings hotly denied that. 

Next came a middle-schooler with a completely different theory.  She said all of the other girls' ideas would only discourage the snow from coming.  She took the completely opposite tack.  Her advice was to say in a loud voice, "I can't wait to go to school tomorrow.  I can't wait to get up early to catch the bus and then work hard all day at school.  I don't want to sleep in.  I don't want to stay home, doing whatever I please."  Act like you could care less about having a Snow Day was her advice.  

Apparently, it is unnecessary to wear your underwear inside out to bring on a Snow Day.  At 4:20 this morning, I received a phone call announcing that school was closed for the day due to snow.  

         Snow Day        
        Snow day,
        Ten-below day,
        Bundle-up-and-go day.
        Pile three deep
        On the old wooden sled,
        Snow-crusted jackets,
        Cheeks frozen red.
        Scrunch, crunch, scrunch,
        Boots punch holes in snow.
        From three small balls,
        Watch a snowman grow.
        Cocoa sipping,
        Cookie dipping,
        One free night
        Of homework skipping.
        A friend’s toboggan
        Is ours to borrow –
        Please let there be
        No school tomorrow!
                      Carol H. Stewart

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  1. I'm glad you got your snow day. I saw the storm was cutting a pretty wide swatch. Kids here in Tokyo might get a day off because of snow but the American School sends out the homework by computer and the kids send the finished assignments back by computer so even if you are sick, there is no break really.

    1. I will be sure to pass that information on to my students at school. They will be so happy that we do not do that here!


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