Monday, February 18, 2013

Events in The Persian Pickle Club

Calico Spool Quilt Block
I found quilt block patterns free online that would go with the events in The Persian Pickle Club

Weekly Persian Pickle Club Meetings:
Miniature Spools:

Spool Quilt Block
Making the Celebrity Quilt:

Zepha giving Queenie her best quilt:

Keeping secrets:
Double Axe Head or Friendship Forever:

Mystery Quilt Block
Next week, we'll discuss The Persian Pickle Club.  I'll post questions and invite all members to write their thoughts in the comments section of each post.  And be thinking about the block you'd like to make to go with the book.  I've given you many choices.  It's totally up to you how many blocks you'd like to make to go with each book - anywhere from zero to an entire sampler quilt!    

And to help you plan for our future book discussions, we'll be reading in:
March:  A Single Thread by Marie Bostwick (first of her Cobbled Court Series)
April:  The Quilter's Apprentice by Jennifer Chiaverini (first of her Elm Creek Series)

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  1. I already have the book for April, in my collection of books I want to read! Looking forward to making some blocks next week, you certainly have given us a huge choice. Thank you.

  2. I'm glad you have the book for April in your collection of to-read books. How convenient! It'll be fun to see which blocks people decide to make.

  3. I am SO enjoying this book! It is quite a different genre than the types of books I typically read. The author really brings her characters to life in a country setting that is unfamiliar to me, but nevertheless, intriguing.
    In my life, where everything is convenient and I can buy what I want, I find in hard to imagine that these women lived such simple lives.
    Still, they found happiness in the simple things.

    1. Laura, this is one of my favorite books. I feel like if I ran into any of the Pickles, I would instantly recognize them! I wonder how I would have handled living back then without the conveniences we have today.


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