Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Home Quilt Block

     I found this New Home block in 5,500 Quilt Block Designs by Maggie Malone and drafted it to 6" finished.  It consists of squares and half square triangles so was not difficult to make.
     In Part 2 of "the rest of the story," Hattie writes about the home she moves to after her marriage to Frank George in October 1917.    

Harriet wrote in the 1940's:
"After our wedding, Frank and I came to this home where I am still living.  The George family had built this house to replace the former smaller house which was destroyed by fire.  Frank had it all freshly papered and painted and a Delco light plant and pump put in the house, which was very good - but the power was not very strong unless we ran the motor, which charged a set of batteries.  We were glad to get the High Live connection years later in 1930 when a small airport was built a mile west of us.  I was pleased to have such a nice, new home and new furniture, and we received many lovely wedding gifts for a home we were both proud of. 

"We had no trees on this hilltop except the ones planted by Frank the spring of 1917, and we had lots of wind from across the open prairies north.  This seemed very different from living on the Woodbury farm, which had many native trees all along the Marais des Cygnes River and in our yard."  (My grandmother christened her new home Sunbyrne Farm because of this.)  

Frank and Harriet George after a year of wedded life, 1918
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  1. I love the block and the pictures and the description of the place. It reminds me of the place my parents had bought with the plan of building and moving there. It was called "Garden Knoll" and we had planted young fruit trees and the plans were drawn out. Then it was cut up by a highway that needed to be built right through and I have never seen it since as the access was cut off by the highway.

  2. Your block choice is perfect for the diary entry as indeed they were starting their life together in a new home. Somewhere along the line it became the place where their children were raised and then the grandkids always remembered as "home" too.

    My mom was telling me the other day what was my grandparents farm now has two big wind turbines on it. It has been gone from our family for years but Dad said his dad would have a fit if he saw that. I can still see the familar stand of trees if I am ever on the roads near there from a few miles away.


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