Monday, May 12, 2014

Traveling by Wagon Train in These Is My Words

Do you love to quilt AND love to read?  I invite you to join the free, online Quilters' Book Club.  Each month, we read a book, discuss it through comments on my blog posts, and then make a quilt block to represent that book.  I research several potential blocks to go with the book's themes, setting, main characters, and events.  And I find the patterns free on the internet, making it easy for everyone to access.  Each member can choose the block or blocks they'd like to make.

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Our book to read and discuss during May 2014 is THESE IS MY WORDS: THE DIARY OF SARAH AGNES PRINE by Nancy E. Turner.  It's historical fiction, but the author based the book on the life of her great-grandmother.  Get the book from your local library or bookstore and join us!  It's also available on Kindle right here. 

If you'd like to make a quilt block to represent traveling to Texas and back by wagon train, here are many ideas for you to check out.  Click on each quilt block name to go to the free pattern:

Blazing Arrows Quilt Block

Broken Arrows Quilt Block

Broken Wheel Quilt Block

Broken Wheel Variation Quilt Block

Indian Design Quilt Block

Indian Hatchet Quilt Block

Indian Star Quilt Block

Indian Trails Quilt Block

Quills and Arrows Quilt Block

Wagon Tracks Quilt Block

What modes of transportation have you used - walking, horseback, bicycle, motorcycle, car, bus, train, plane, covered wagon?  Inquiring minds want to know! 

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  1. walking, tricycle, bicycle, car, crowdusting 2 prop plane, bus, train, motorcycle, jet plane, horseback, and horse pulled hay wagon, I think that is all.

  2. I`ve never covered wagon, though (at least in theory) I would love to. Motocycle I have only ridden once. All the other modes I have used many times.

  3. Sorry, that should be cropdusting. I don't even know how to dust a crow.

  4. I have done car, plane, bus, walking, train, bicycle, horseback, motorcycle, a rickshaw a boat, and subway or underground. I have been a a wagon ride, but not a covered wagon.

  5. Well, walking or hiking, yes, car, plane, bus, train (from choo-choo to shin-kan-sen, subway and monorail) , ferry, steamer, ocean liner cruiseship, sailboat, canoe, row boat, kayak, roller skates and scooter, tricycle, bicycle, motor bike (not a big heavy motorcycle though), hay wagon but no covered wagon, one-horse-open sleigh, helicopter (too noisy) and blimp (nice and quiet). Then there are those snow things like skates and skis and sleds. Zip-line, yes but no jumping out of planes or bungee-jumping or hang-gliding ... or even water skiing. I may be crazy but not stupid!

  6. I can add skis and ice skates, camel, horse, motor bike, truck, to the above! :-)

  7. I have done walking (perhaps the most obvious), bicycle, car, bus, train, plane and have ridden horseback but not really what I would call "travel" by it. I haven't traveled by covered wagon although when I was at church camp when I was younger I got to stay a week in a covered wagon. I have also ridden in trolley cars but only short distances (half hour ride).

    walking, horseback, bicycle, motorcycle, car, bus, train, plane, covered wagon

  8. I've traveled by walking, bicycle, car, truck, bus, trolley, train ( commuter/local and across the country Los Angeles to Washington DC and Los Angeles to Seattle), motorboat, row boat, canoe, ferry, paddleboat, ocean liner ship, plane, helicopter, horseback, horse-pulled wagon, hot air balloon, ambulance, ski lift gondola. But with all of those, no motorcycle yet.

  9. Walking, tricycle, scooter (like the ones the kids have now but powered by my foot), roller skates, tried a bicycle but kept falling off, bus, train (steam and diesel), tram, car, motorbike, paddleboat, canoe (kayak), motorboat, rowing boat, cross channel ferry, jet plane, microlight, little plane (okay, I'm not an expert on plane types, but I did jump out of this one, attached to a parachute!!), hot air balloon, tractor-drawn trailer, horse, luge, ski lift, mountain gondola, ferris wheel (but is that travelling as you just end up where you started?), ambulance….
    I'm sure there are more, two o'clock in the morning I'll think of something, but making this list has brought back mainly good memories of places, people and journeys.

  10. I have done all of the above, except for covered wagon, I have traveled by ox-cart before. Ramona Meserve

  11. I have walked, ridden a tricycle, bicycle, motorcycle, car, pick-up truck, semi, bus, train, subway, hay wagon, horse, motorboat, rowboat, canoe, prop plane, turbo-prop plane, and jet plane. I have roller skated and ice skated, although I wouldn't call that "travelling." I have also ridden on a sled and in a wagon. Whew! What a lot of ways to travel!

  12. Walking, Biking, Cross-Country Skiing, Bus, Train, Plane, Car, Red Wagon, Sled, Canoe, Boat, Cruise Ship, Tricycle.

  13. All of the above (except covered wagon) and subway and taxi, too. Oh yea, and golf carts (but not for golf) and even tractor (in my grandfathers farm). Don't forget boats, either. Canoe, kayak, and other boat trips, too. Fun!

  14. Walking, horseback, motorcycle, car, bus, train, airplane (prop, turbo prop and jet), canoe, kayak, sailboat, motorboat, jet ski, cruise ship, ferry, subway, golf cart, tractor, cross-country skis, snowshoes, snowmobile, toboggan, camel, horse-drawn carriage, horse-drawn trap, helicopter, San Francisco trolley, hay wagon...that's all that come to mind! Great question!

  15. 4 wheeler also. . Just riding the trails, through the timber, & along the river. . Oh, also around the big circle in the Meadow. . Sometimes we have seen an owl. Once he posed for us up high on a branch of a dead tree.

    1. We just ride rather slowly & take in the beauty.


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