Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May Redwork Snowman and May Snow!

Click here to view two completed Redwork Snowmen Calendar Quilts.


There is but one May in the year,
  And sometimes May is wet and cold;
There is but one May in the year,
  But before the year grows old.

Yet, though it be the chilliest May
  With least of sun, and most of showers,
Its wind and dew, its night and day,
  Bring up the flowers.


We had a foot of snow and a delayed start to school yesterday!  A crazy May!

What has your May weather been like so far?  Snow?  Rain?  Flooding? Tornadoes?  Windy?  Hot and dry?  Balmy and pleasant?  Inquiring minds want to know!

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  1. A little bit of rain, a little bit of warm sun, lots of gusty wind, but thankfully NO SNOW!

  2. No snow here either, thank goodness, although we did have a hail storm a few days ago. Generally good May weather, dry and mild, but a few days ago a low settled and we had a lot of vey wet, grey days. The sun is shining this morning, blessings indeed.

  3. I am going to add this to my embroidery collection.

  4. No snow, thank goodness, but, we had a 90+ degree day (car AC didn't work that day), lots of humidity and some rain. Temps this week are near 60 degrees, give or take.

  5. Mine has been balmy and pleasant. We have had warm days and cool nights. Perfect spring weather. So sorry about the snow :-(

  6. Our last snow was last week Tuesday - not as much as you had, and hopefully that was our last of the season. Very windy the past couple of days. I want to get the gardens going, but we're just hovering around freezing overnight so I need to wait a week or so yet.

  7. We've had really warm weather, rain, rain, and now cooler weather. I haven't planted garden yet but have put out flowers.

  8. We have had a typical Rocky Mountain spring: sunny and nice one day and then 6 inches of snow the next!


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