Friday, May 3, 2013

Of Seeds and Fields and Kindergarten Plants

Farmer's Fields Quilt Block

Barley and Rye Grass Seeds Planted by Kindergarteners


by a million
wings of fire -
the rocket tore a tunnel
through the sky -
and everybody cheered.

only by a thought from God -
the seedling
urged its way
through the thicknesses of black -
and as it pierced
the heavy ceiling of the soil -
launched itself
up into outer space -
     Marcie Hans

Isn't this a fabulously creative gift?  A student and her sister collected wildflower seeds and then made a packet to hold the seeds.  Each of their teachers received this as a gift.  These girls have a creative mama and grandma (who quilts).

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  1. I cheer my seedlings every day. I am so thrilled when a new one comes up!! So far I have three cukes, two zucchini, 28 basil, 8 parsley and NO celery. I bought some new celery seeds today and I'm going to try again.

  2. I remember my daughter planting seeds and keeping a diary of their progress each day. That was over 40 years ago. When she made the painting of the blooms, I couldn't bare to let her give it to the school. I asked her to make another one and kept the first one framed to this day.
    (This is a daughter who got a degree in natural science and has begun a tree blog)! As the twig is bent....

  3. Love the block and the gift! You teachers are starting future gardeners. I will never forget about growing grass in milk cartons in 1st grade and somewhere along the line..maybe same class we grew beans from a lima bean. Today, my garden consist of many things...I blame the grass and lima bean experiment. ROFL!

  4. For a table favor to my church quilt group this past Christmas, I too collected seeds from my giant zinnias that lasted through late November (we are in Tucson). Those huge flowers grew to waist-high and became a home for countless birds, bees, butterflies and all matter of insect life.
    Each morning, I would check to see who was enjoying these giant blooms. One morning a 'leaf' was standing straight up on one of the flowers...upon closer inspection it was a gorgeous katydid, who exactly mimics a leaf, and her egg sac was dropped and she was in the process of bringing forth another generation! Country Living Mag had a seed packet pattern as a free download, so once my blooms were gone and dried, I collected enough seeds for full packets for each of my fellow quilters! I look forward to hearing their giant zinnia personal stories! Barb in Tucson

  5. What a sweet gift. I think that is wonderful.

  6. I love your Texas wildflower fabric that the seeds are on. I didn't see any bluebonnets this year, but, I did get to see some indian paintbrush in Oklahoma this week.


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