Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hummingbirds Around Starwood


I'm The Nectar Inspector,
Sweetness Detector -
I sip -
I don't sniff.
I love juice
not perfume.
In its deep-throated scarlet
cup of a bud
(Beardtongue) Penstemon's
my favorite brew!
       Janet S. Wong


A spark, a glint,
  a glimpse
  of pixie tidbit.
Bright flits, brisk zips,
  a green-gray blue,
  wings, zings, and whirr -

I just heard
  a humming of bird.

  Kristine O'Connell George

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  1. Many years ago I was in Costa Rica and went up on a volcano. It wasn't currently active but had been in recent years. This was in May and there were millions of humming birds all around up there. They were like a huge swarm of flies. Amazing.

  2. Beautiful wall hanging!!! I'm in western Colorado and I really look forward to seeing the hummingbirds every spring.

  3. Beautiful block! The colors and subject are wonderful. I also like the photo of the hummingbird. Makes me want to get a nectar feeder.

  4. I just adore the quilt block, it's gorgeous!
    The hummingbirds are beautiful too, we don't have them here in Australia. I hope to visit my friend in the USA one day, I would love to see them then.

  5. I am sure I asked this question yesterday, did you design this block or is there a pattern. I May be from Newfoundland Canada but I can appreciate and enjoy any beautiful scenery.

  6. I do enjoy my hummingbirds as well. One of the feeders was knocked down. I need to go investigate to see if it was a bear!


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