Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wheel Quilt Block

     I found the pattern for this 8" Wheel block in 5,500 Quilt Block Designs by Maggie Malone.  It's an old pattern that was first published in Ohio Farmer in 1894.
    In these diary entries, Hattie and Frank are going to visit Hattie's high school friends in Emporia.  (Hattie graduated from Emporia High in 1914.)  Her 18-year-old brother, Howard, acts as chaperone.  Hattie and Frank have just started dating this summer, but Frank will later become Hattie's husband and my grandfather!    

Saturday, August 26, 1916 -
"I would have come up an hour or more ago as I was sure sleepy, but I was waiting for Frank to call up again.  Mother tried to tell me it would be exceedingly improper for him to call after nine o'clock, that I couldn't go, etc.  But he saved the day by calling just before nine."

Sunday, August 27, 1916 -
"I am writing this Monday afternoon as we didn't get in until 12:40, and I was so dead tired and sleepy and cold that I found the way to bed in double quick time.  But we certainly had a lovely time.  When I awoke, it was cloudy and had sprinkled a little during the night, but it cleared off and was lovely all day.  Howard went with us, and we got started at 8:10.  The drive was lovely, though a little chilly, but we had no trouble at all and reached Haynes' a little before 10 o'clock.  Hen was in her kitchen apron so by the time she was ready, Bing arrived, and we went to church together.  Dr. Templeton was fine as usual, and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire service and, of course, saw many people I knew.  We had a splendid dinner, of course, and Edith, who has just returned from the East, entertained us with telling of her trip, which was brilliantly punctuated with Virginia's witty remarks.

"We piled in the car and went to the grove, and Howard and Neta met us there. Then Frank and I went with Bing and Hen in their canoe, and John and Fern and Howard and Neta went in a boat.  We certainly had a lovely ride, rode waves, took pictures, slipped upon secluded couples, etc. until after six.  Then we all went up to Lesta's for supper.  After the boys had washed and combed and powdered, Bing, who was butler, announced lunch and ushered us into the Dining Room.  We were at the table until after eight o'clock, eating part of the time but mostly laughing at John's jokes, and still we managed to consume a pile of eats.  After we went in the Living Room, Bing and Hen took possession of the piano bench, and Hen thumped loudly enough to drown their conversation.

"About 8:30 we began to leave, but it took us forever to get started from town.  After a great deal of palavering, we left Lesta's and then we had difficulty in getting the car started.  Finally at almost ten, we left town and spun along very keenly for about five miles when pop! went a tire.  Oh, I was so sleepy and cold, and those boys had to toil away there with changing and pumping up the tire while I curled up and tried to sleep!  In the course of an hour or two, they had finished and we had no more trouble.  I relieved Frank at Lebo, and that woke me up a little and also warmed me considerably."  

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  1. Another lovely block!! No way could I pick a favorite! They are all lovely!! A busy day for Hattie!! Such fun friends they had!!


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