Monday, April 29, 2013

Leaf Buds - Hunting for Signs of Spring

Rocky Mountain Maple Leaf Buds


A tiny velveteen satchel,
the color of pale cream,
is perched on the tip
of this bare branch.

Snap open the clasp -
and you will find,
inside this tiny valise,
one rolled and folded
neatly packed


Kristine O'Connell George

Welcome Spring Quilt

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  1. Love your pretty plant in the pitcher. Love the doily, too. I have a weak spot for doilies.

  2. The Spring quilt caught my eye!! Oooooh how pretty!!

    This past weekend we traveled to Columbus, Ohio to visit our eldest son. The trees are all flushed out in a Spring green. Most of the flowering trees are very close to full bloom. It was a wonderful sight.

  3. I have often wondered if those living in places where winter is long and severe,are more likely to embrace each sign of spring. I am glad not to have northern Ohio winters but I still watch eagerly for each hint of spring.


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