Monday, May 7, 2012

Royal Star Quilt Block

       I found the pattern for this 8" Royal Star block online at
     In this diary entry, Hattie and her beau Frank are travelling by train to Kansas City to see the Royal Livestock Show.  They are staying overnight with Frank's cousin, Fannie. 

Thursday and Friday, October 5 & 6, 1916 -
"I certainly had a nice trip, and the weather was just perfect Indian summer weather, with lovely moonlight nights.  Frank arrived about six thirty.  I was just finishing my breakfast but was not in the happiest of moods, for Papa didn't give me as much money as I wanted.  But Mother cheered me a little, and I kissed them goodbye and we were off.

"We succeeded in beating the Santa Fe out of a little fare, and yet it was not our fault.  Frank bought the tickets to Argentine in order to save the extra rate into Missouri, and they collected no cash fare from Argentine.  In fact, we were talking and didn't notice where we were until the train pulled into the Union Depot at Kansas City.

"Frank phoned to Fannie; then we went right out there in an auto.  For once, Frank felt like telling the driver to be careful - he sure did some sudden dodging and dashing.

"We had lunch with Fannie and her mother, then started downtown immediately afterward.  We enjoyed the cattle show all afternoon, took great interest in the judging, and then went through the barns.  We went back out to Fannie's for dinner, and her Mr. Cutler went to the horse show with us in the evening.  This was fine and so also was the Wild West Show immediately following.  It was late when we got back out to Fannie's, and we were all terribly tired.  Fannie and I chatted a little while but were too sleepy to talk very long.  The feather bed and linen sure felt good to me, and I put in a full night.

"We took our time about getting up and eating breakfast.  About 10:30, we started downtown.  Here we left Frank, who was going to the Hereford Sale.  We were going to shop a little and told him to meet us at one o'clock for lunch.  Fannie wanted to go to the New York to look at a suit - a perfectly darling green velvet trimmed in seal skin.  It was a handsome model, and Fannie looks like a French doll in it.  She paid $49.45 for it, but it was a bargain at that.  Next, we went to Kline's to look at hats.  After much looking, Fannie and I each bought one.  I don't know whether I am very crazy about mine or not.  It is just a plain black velvet - soft wide brim and crown.  It is good velvet and well made.  Fannie liked it, and Frank seems to think it's 'fine,' so I hope I'll not dislike it. 
We went to a cafeteria where we had a fine lunch.

"We went back down to Convention Hall to take another look at the cattle.  I never tired of looking at the Herefords.  They are perfect beauties.  We saw the Grand Champion - Bocaldo the 6th of the Hazlett herd - and the one of Colonel Taylor's that sold for $3000.  We became so engrossed that it was 3:30 before we knew it, so we hurried back up to get our travelling bags, bade Fannie goodbye, then took a car for the Union Station. 

"We were in plenty of time for our train.  The scenery from Kansas City to Olathe was perfectly beautiful - the trees are turned much more than they are here. 

"Frank gave me a grand big box of candy, and here I haven't finished the one he gave me Sunday night and have over half of the one left he gave me last night at the horse show."

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  1. this is like a radio play series i so enjoyed on cbc radio as a cool to read these diary snippets...looking so forward to the next one...and the finished quilt...

  2. Sue I look forward to each new block and diary entry you post. Have you thought about putting pics of all the blocks and the diary entry that goes with it in a bound photo book? Better yet, why not just have this blog, with all comments, made into a book. That would be a wonderful thing to have. I hate to see this end. Thanks for sharing Hattie with us. Nancy

  3. I was not familiar with this star pattern until last week. A back issue of "Big Block Quilts" was on the giveaway table at the guild meeting. The cover quilt caught my eye -- Royal Star, done in brights on black. They patterned it as partly paper-pieced (the spiky corners). I've gone so far as to make copies of the paper-pieced part....and now here's the Royal Star on your blog. I guess I am destined to make a quilt using this block!

  4. I do enjoy Hattie's life unfolding. Many thanks for sharing her with us. Cheers Glenda

  5. Love ready about Hattie! I look forward to each new email!

  6. Great looking block and I'm really enjoying these installments too, who wouldn't like 'a grand big box of candy?'


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