Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tulip Quilt Block

     The pattern for this 9" Tulip block can be found at:
      In these entries, Alpha is a friend, and Minerva is Hattie's oldest sister.  Freddie is Minerva's son, and George is Hattie's younger brother.  Charley, Orv, and Mrs. Hile's are hired help.
     Once again, Frank George, Harriet's future husband is mentioned.  He and Frank Niles (a good friend and neighbor of Frank George) attend Senator Stavely's funeral with Papa.  Senator Stavely was a Republican senator from Osage County.    
Sunday, March 19, 1916 -
"We kids went to Sunday School this A.M., but they had no sermon so we did not stay for the class meeting.  Mother had told me I could stay in town if I wanted to, and Alpha and Minerva both asked me, but I thought I'd rather come home.  We took Freddie home and stayed there a few minutes then came on home.  Papa went to Senator Stavely's funeral with Frank George and Mr. Niles so was not here for dinner.  Just Mother and we kids and Charley and Orv, but Papa came just as we were leaving the table...

"Papa told George and me that we could hitch up and take some salt up in the pasture to the cows.  So we did, each trying to see which could act the craziest.  Since supper, I have been writing a letter.  I really haven't many in my unanswered pile."

Monday, March 20, 1916 -
"This has seemed an unusually long day - I don't know why.  Papa went to Topeka, and Mother took him to the train.  I was busy straightening the house and getting dinner while Mrs. Hile was washing.  Then after dinner I had to churn but felt so sleepy that I took a brief nap before I started.  It seemed like I churned for hours!  It did take me quite awhile, but I had some interesting magazines to read.  But in the course of an hour or two, I finished.  The wind died down about four or five o'clock, and it was lovely outdoors.  I was down inspecting my tulip beds when a little Ford runabout dashed up to the gate, and a nice looking young man alighted and approached me.  He inquired if he was on the (Santa Fe) Trail.  Of course, I directed him, and he felt rather provoked to think he had come out here over that rocky hill, only to turn around and retrace his tracks back to town.  But he was real pleasant.  As he was leaving, I was reminded of the man who came in the Ford last summer and wanted the glass of milk and finally stayed all night and had supper and breakfast with us!"

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  1. I enjoy your posts so much even if I don't comment. I also thought the quilt in this week's quilting Gallery contest was marvelous. I don't know where the voters come from but they certainly aren't quilters!

  2. This is such an amazing project! Thank you for sharing.

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  4. Your blocks are perfect! Love the fabric choices! I love following your progress.

  5. THe stranger who stayed for breakfast. That sounds like it could be the title of a novel. I enjoy reading your entries from your grandmother's diary. They are so simple, yet draw the mind to an easier time.
    Thank you.


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