Friday, October 7, 2011

Windows Quilt Block

     With this 6" Windows quilt block, I fussycut the purple fabric as well as the oval fabric to get the effect that I wanted.  I used the pattern from The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt by Laurie Aaron Hird.
     This is a continuing story from the previous day's diary entry.  Two hired men took a chunk out of a cake that was cooling in the window.  They won't admit to it, but Hattie knows they did it and is letting them know this through a joke of her own.  Orv is one of the guilty hired men.  Minerva is Hattie's 29-year-old sister.  She married Bob McCauley in 1907, and they live nearby in Olivet, Kansas with their three children.  Howard is Hattie's 18-year-old brother who is in pre-college in Manhattan, 95 miles away.  Hattie mentions World War I for the first time.  You can read more about it here:

Thursday, March 16, 1916 -
"Well, I played my part of the joke by leaving a couple of pieces of cake on the table at the Country Club, and I think the boys felt just a little cheap.  Furthermore, I baked some gingerbread this A.M. and purposely had it in the open window with the knife right in the pan as the boys came in to dinner.  They looked at it and grinned, but I wouldn't crack a smile, although I was inwardly bursting!  They acted just a little fussed when I passed the gingerbread to them, too.  Orv just now brought the mail and, incidentally, a nut chocolate bar.  He asked me who was the cake meant for this A.M.  I said, 'I thought you might be in need of a little refreshments.'  Then we laughed and he thanked me very graciously but never an explanation!  I guess he knows I know all about it anyhow. 

"It certainly is one grand night out.  And today has been nice too - only a little chilly this morning.  Mother spent the day at Minerva's, and I have been making my apron.  I sure want to get out for a horseback ride tomorrow.  I can't stay in all these lovely days.

"I have been reading a little more about the war - I mean our war.  Some of Carranza's troops have killed their leader, Colonel Rojas, and have joined Villa.  Furston is leading the U.S. troops, and the call has been sent for more men.  Oh, I hope it won't be a real war where our boys will have to enlist!  How terrible it would be if Howard would have to make use of his drill after all!"

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  1. Love the block and the story. Too cute about the missing cake! She was such a sweet heart you can tell in her writings. Interesting to hear about the war too and how one felt back then about it first hand from the diary entries.
    Lisa in Georgia


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