Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Endless Stairs Quilt Block

     The pattern for this 6" Endless Stairs block is from 5,500 Quilt Block Designs by Maggie Malone.  The block is also known as London Stairs, Virginia Worm Fence, and Endless Stair.  Directions for an entire quilt can be found right here. 
     This is the first time the Woodbury siblings have all been together since before their Mamma died 3-1/2 years ago, so it's a difficult time for all of them - including Mother, their step-mother.  Older daughters Eva and Mary were far away in Washington state and did not come home for the funeral.  Oldest daughter Minerva lives in the nearby town of Olivet. 

Monday, November 27, 1916 -
"I am feeling so blue tonight, in fact, I think almost the whole family had the same feeling.  Mary wouldn't eat any supper.  When she told me it was because she couldn't help grieving over dear Mamma, of course, that started us all, more or less, and made Mother feel terrible. 

"We had an immense washing today - so many of the children's things, of course.  I was up about 5:30 and was on my feet most of the day, sat down to write a little this afternoon but ironed, hung out clothes, washed and wiped dishes, ran up and down stairs, until I am sure ready to pile in now at 10 o'clock."

Tuesday, November 28, 1916 -
"The clock has struck ten, and I'd ought to be in bed.  I was up before six and have been on the go all day.  Mother has spent the day in bed with a terrible headache and sore throat.  Mary and the children went up to Minerva's, and we girls have ironed, done the housework, etc.

"I got a letter from Fern today telling me of the K.S.U. (Kansas State University) - C of E (College of Emporia) game to be played Thanksgiving Day.  Frank and I are crazy to go, but I'm afraid we wouldn't get much dinner.  We've got to see about distributing the Thanksgiving donations tomorrow.  Then we are all invited down to Sweezey's Thursday night and over to George's Friday. 

"Papa, Eva, the baby, and I were out for a stroll around the barns today.  I weighed myself and hit the 110-1/2 mark."

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  1. This looks so much better than the rail fence included in the FWS book. Filing that thought away for mine!

    Your poor gran and her family---holidays always seem to make you think about who ISN'T as much as who is. It had to be hard on Mother too.

  2. So interesting to view "life's" trials through another's eyes/words!

    Very fitting block!


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