Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wandering Star Quilt Block

     I found the pattern for this Wandering Star block on-line and reduced it from 9" down to 6" finished.
     In these diary entries, Anna and George are Hattie's 12-year-old twin siblings, and Grace is a hired girl.  Bing is a friend from her days at Emporia High School.  A dray is a low, strong cart without fixed sides, for carrying heavy loads.
Thursday, June 22, 1916 -
"Mother and I picked some currants, and she made some lovely jelly, so clear and red.  We also did a basket of mending this morning.  Anna and George went to town this P.M.  They were running quite a dray, bringing my new mattress and Grace's trunk.  Grace went on a horseback ride this afternoon.  I remodeled a last summer's dress and did other odd jobs, crocheting, etc.  Also got a letter from Bing.  It has been quite a warm day and as the clock has just chimed ten and my new bed is very inviting, I'll hie me hither."

Friday, June 23, 1916 -
"The clock just now struck 10:30.  I thought I should be in bed long before this, for my bed on the porch is quite an inducement.  I even like to sleep there during the day, but I have been doing other things this evening and the time passed quickly.  Right after I finished wiping the supper dishes, I went out on the front porch and strolled on down to the front gate.  It was a nice evening, and I was in a mood for walking so kept on and on.  I went clear to Edmonds and chatted a little with Mrs. E. and Hattie Reeser and the children.  It was almost dark when I reached the porch where the family was gathered under the light (and bugs) reading the papers.  

"I am getting poor!  Measure just 24 inches around the waist.  I was 25 or 26."

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  1. It is amazing to me how she was able to do so much in her day! I know times were different then. I am so glad you are sharing these diary entries.

    I do like that star block.

  2. thanks for sharing all these wonderful blocks. this one looks like a variation of the friendship star, but I really like it especially the center, not just a big square of plain fabric. Can't wait to see your finished project. Thanks for sharing Grandma with us.


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