Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Alpine Cross Quilt Block

     I made this 10" Alpine Cross block because Hattie's Mamma is buried in the Alpine Cemetery.  The family visits her grave on May Day to leave her bouquets.  I think it's a beautiful pattern.  The directions can be found here:  http://www.quilterscache.com/A/AlpineCrossBlock.html
     In this entry, George and Anna are 12-year-old twins - Hattie's younger siblings.  Mrs. Hile is a neighbor who helps with housework. 
Monday, May 1, 1916 -
"It cleared off lovely today and has been a beautiful May Day.  George called me this morning early and said, 'May basket!'  He and Anna had made some for all and filled them with flowers.

"Mrs. Hile came about 9:30 this A.M., so I have been sewing a good deal today.  I finished my cap and planned my crepe dress and partially altered my suit.  I am beginning to like it a great deal better.

"This evening Papa and Anna and I each took a pretty bouquet of flowers - lilacs, violets, and verbenas - and walked up to the cemetery and put them on Mamma's grave.  Papa always brought her a bouquet on May Day, and we children got in the habit, too, so we still like to remember our little custom.  I think she still appreciates it, and I know it does us no harm to still hold the memory of the things she liked dear.

"I have been writing a letter to Fern and am quite sleepy.  Just a little tired, too.  To keep up with Papa, it kept Anna and I on the run part of the time, and yet he would say, 'My knees hurt so, I can hardly walk!'"

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  1. How pretty!

    I have noticed that some of your blocks are different sizes. How are you going to put them all together?

  2. my quilt will be bigger than 111 squares, too. this is a great addition to the batch of blocks. thank you!

  3. This was a sweet story and I really like the block. I am going to use it in a sampler I am making. Thanks :-) Terri N.

  4. I really enjoy the diary entries, the blocks are an added bonus!


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