Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sheep Fold Quilt Block

Harriet Edith Woodbury George
October 2, 1895 - December 15, 1986

My Affirmation:

     The Lord is my shepherd,
          I am one of his lambs.
     I shall not want -
          He takes good care of me.
     He makes me lie down in green pastures,
          Where the grass is tender and cool.
     He leads me by the still waters
          So I may drink from his Holy Word.
     He restores my soul
          Which gives me peace and comfort.
     He leads me in paths of righteousness
          And does not allow me to stray
     For his name's sake -
          Because I belong to Jesus.
     Even though I walk through dark valleys
          Where Satan lurks,
     I shall fear no evil
          From the Devil's wiles;
     For you are with me,
          Holding me close.
     Your rod and your staff
          Give me strength and guidance.
     They comfort me,
          Relieving me from daily pressures.
     You prepare a table before me
          For my convenience and sustenance,
     In the presence of my enemies -
          But my family and friends surround me.
     You anoint my head with oil -
          To relieve my mind from worry.
     My cup overflows
          With joy and assurance.
     Surely goodness and mercy will follow me;
          Then, God's presence will ever be with me
     All the days of my life;
     And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever
          because he has prepared many rooms for all of
          his children who love and obey him.
     For ever and ever.  Amen.
                                                            Harriet George
                                                            July 31, 1979

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  1. It's a darling block. I love the fabric choice. And, I copied this version into my journal. Thanks.

  2. Great to know a name for this block and its meaning!!!! I will remember this next time i am making one of my quilts of encouragement. http://www.pilgrimsquilts.com/

  3. I recently found your blog. Reading over your project from the beginning. It is a wonderful thing you are doing. I recently lost my mother and she had journals that I threw away when we moved her three years ago. At her request. I did read over them a bit, and she didn't know that I saved a couple so I could have her hand writing to remember. I hope you write about a book about what you are doing, I think it would sell many copies.

  4. Psalm 23 - a good reminder of who is in charge. Thanks for posting. Love the block.


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