Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bear Tracks Quilt Block

This 12" Bear Tracks block is the fourth block of my Starwood Sampler Quilt, made as a block of the month with my quilting group, The Persian Pickle Club.  We found this traditional block from the late 1930's free on-line at Quilters Cache: is made up of squares and half-square triangles so is not difficult to make.  I set every other block of my quilt on point, including this one.

Our area is home to the black bear.  We see black bears nearly every summer.  If I don't take down my bird feeders every night, they climb onto my front porch and knock down the feeders to get at the seed or hummingbird nectar - often destroying them in the process.  (There are squirrel-proof feeders, but I've never found a bear-proof one!) 

My middle son took this picture behind our house.
Once, we were eating supper and saw two bear cubs right by our deck.  Suddenly, their mama appeared.  She immediately sent them up a tall pine tree because she felt they were too curious and were about to get into trouble.  She stood at the base of the tree while they whimpered and whined.  They knew they had gotten a good scolding, and we could tell it, too! 

It is both exciting and exasperating to share our home with bears!  

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  1. I've never seen a Bear's Paw block quite like this one. It's very appealing!

  2. love the story about the Bears---reminds me of one of those Disney movies. At least I think they were Disney movies---narrator telling the story as they showed pictures of the bears in action. Sounds like they could have been filming at your house!

  3. I would have been scared to death. I love nature, but I wouldn't want to be that close to any wild animals.

    Love you block, though.


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